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Orgone Turquoise Black Tourmaline Energy Generator Pyramid

Orgone Turquoise Black Tourmaline Energy Generator Pyramid

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  • POSITIVE ENERGY- Using Orgonite Crystal at home or near equipment can bring you a lot of positive atmospheres. In fact, you will dive into the ocean with positive Orgonite energy.
  • MEDITATION KIT- Orgone’s perfect restoration makes the surrounding meditation area more active, calm, and spiritual, thereby making the meditation more active, maintaining calm energy, and helping to get rid of negative energy and darkness.
  • STRENGTH GAINER- Black Tourmaline strengthens the internal connection between body and mind by detoxifying the body.
  • REIKI CHAKRA- Reiki Healing Chakra Orgone Pyramid is a combination of crystals and other gems that help our body relax and become healthy from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective.
  • ENERGY PROTECTION CRYSTAL -The crystal pyramid acts as an energy releaser, which blocks harmful negative energy by generating Orgone energy and protects you from the latest technical equipment it emits.

Turquoise Black Tourmaline can refract negative energy, transform and remove negative emotions in the individual or the environment. It is often used as a reiki cleanser and used as a reiki cleanser to gain higher levels of consciousness.

Benefits of Turquoise Black Tourmaline

-The physical healing response of turquoise black tourmaline is profound. These are ideal for energy healing, chakra and aura healing, energy work, information transmission, diving, and meditation.
-The Orgone Pyramid opens the energy-based earth-spirit connection on the spiritual and spiritual level and provides a path for light to enter the earth level.
-Orgone energy and black tourmaline can improve your meditation skills by generating healing energy.
-The Orgonite Pyramid reduces negative energy and converts it into positive energy. The aura is clean, the stone generates energy, and peace is strengthened.

  • Item Weight  :  ‎8.2 ounces
  • Package Dimensions  :  ‎3.74 x 3.66 x 2.68 inches
  • ASIN  :  B097LLZ2C9
  • Date First Available  :  June 20, 2021