About Us

At Hanifa Crystals we understand that all you esteemed patrons of our company come to shop for gemstone jewelry with different requirements. There are many of you who have an eye and a fascination for beautiful gemstone jewelry, offering a brilliant array of colors, designs and patterns. Again there are also a number of our esteemed clients who come looking for precious stones and gems with healing qualities and ones that can be worn for astrological purposes.

At Hanifa Crystals we understand both these requirements and hence we have crafted beautiful gemstone jewelry that are stylish in their designs and also offers special healing qualities and can help create a flow of positive energy all around you. Our products are designed so that they can cater to the requirements of a large base of customers.

Our Products

With us at Hanifa Crystals you can get different types of jewelry such as Arrowhead products, Chakra Jewelry, Chakra reiki sets, Crystal Point, Engraved Stones, Gemstone Beads, Gemstone Bracelets, Gemstone Necklaces, Gifts Handicraft, Healing Stone Jewellery, Healing Wands, Metaphysical New Age Tools, Orgone Energy products and many more.

New Arrivals

At Hanifa Crystals we believe in offering something new and unique to our clients. This we feel is our commitment to our customers who prefers us against the other brands of jewelry that are present in the market. With new innovative designs and other new pieces of jewelry we look forward to keep indulging, exciting and alluring our customers.

Our Motto

Quality at a reasonable price is the first and the only motto that helps us move ahead. When customers do come in buy precious gems and stoned embedded jewelry they do place a large share of their trust on us since they do not have much idea of theses tones. It is entirely on us to offer them the best quality and the most authentic gemstones so that they can have their money’s worth. This is all the more important for those customers who come to buy products of gemstones for astrological requirements. If the stones are not genuine then they can never enjoy the kind of results that they are expecting.

Qualities Of Healing And Astrological Importance

Astrology has also been an integral part of the culture of this nation. The different precious stones also offers various astrological potentials and qualities that for ages have been recommended for overcoming problems and hurdles that comes up our ways due to the placement of the nine planets. In Hanifa Crystals you can get all these gemstones and many more that can be used to improve and increase the positive flow of energy in your body, family and lives so that you can enjoy a peaceful and prosperous life with your dear ones.

Our collection of engraved natural chakra set, seven chakra sets and the flower of life chakra set are beautiful creations with precious and semi precious stones that will help generate an aura of positive energy all around you.

At Hanifa Crystals creations we offer you the best of the Indian gemstone jewelry collection. This can be in terms of ornaments and also gemstones that come with a healing quality. With an aim to offer the best in terms of quality, designs and price we have something for everyone. All that you must do is drop by our outlet in Burj to see our wonderful collection.


We are relentlessly working to create new and exciting offers that will help the buyers to shop more from us. With different loyalty cards schemes and schemes of discounts on important days such as festivals and celebrations, we are trying to encourage all of you to buy a little more of the lovely precious stones and gems that you love.

Days such as the your birthdays and anniversaries are just as important to us when you can come to us shop to your heart’s content and get all the exiting offers and gifts that are in store for you from all of us.

We offer both the experiences of retail and online shopping. Visit us at our shopping site for a hassle free shopping experience and shop from where ever you are based in India today.