Why Purchase the Black Tourmaline Nubian Pyramid?

Nubian pyramids are orgone energy pyramids known for their many healing properties. With their unique shape, nubian pyramids are able to focus energy on a single point, convert the negative energies in the surroundings to positive energy and benefit the lives of all living beings.

Nubian pyramids are made of authentic orgonite crystals, gemstones that heal us and balance the seven chakras. There are many orgonite crystals that are used for making orgonite devices. One of the orgonite crystals that you can find in orgone energy pyramids is Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline - the Negative Energy Buster

Black Tourmaline is considered to be the best gemstone when it comes to dealing effectively with negative energies. Black Tourmaline orgonite crystal helps us to be purer, in body, mind and spirit. This is one of the reasons why Black Tourmaline is revered when it comes to gemstones used in moulding orgonite devices.

Black is a mixture of all colours and the rainbow has all the colours. Therefore, black tourmaline is considered the crystal containing all the spectrums of the rainbow. Being a mixture of all colours, Black Tourmaline is a universal and versatile stone. One of the amazing properties of this gemstone is that it helps in balancing the positive and the negative.

Black Tourmaline’s importance lies in the fact that it helps in balancing all the chakras in the body. It removes all the negative energies in our surroundings by absorbing them and converting them into powerful positive energy, before releasing it back into the atmosphere.

Properties of Black Tourmaline

  • Attracts Positive Energy - Why is positive energy so important for us? It is because with positive energy, we gain confidence and are able to achieve great things. Black Tourmaline orgonite crystal helps in attracting positive energy, converting negative energy into positive energy and vibrations and bringing its powerful benefits into our lives so that we can be more successful. 

  • Balances the Seven Chakras - The most celebrated property of Black Tourmaline crystal is that it helps in balancing all the chakras in our body. With healed and balanced seven chakras, orgone energy will flow through our body without any hindrances.

  • Protects from Negative Energy - It is a known fact that negative energy does much harm in our lives. We are surrounded by negative energies every day, which gives rise to many health conditions and other bad things happening in life. Black Tourmaline helps in protecting us from the harmful effects of negative energy.

  • Calms the Mind - Thanks to its amazing property of removing negative energy from your surroundings, Black Tourmaline helps in calming your mind and having control over it. Therefore, black tourmaline becomes an important stone for boosting one’s confidence.

  • Boosts Immunity - Having a strong immune system is the key to leading a happy and healthy life. Black Tourmaline orgonite crystal strengthens our body and the immune system, thereby shielding us from harmful infections and other disorders.
The amazing benefits of Black Tourmaline gemstone are not limited to these alone. If you are looking to purchase the best orgone energy pyramid made of Black Tourmaline crystals, go for the Orgonite Nubian Black Tourmaline Pyramid. This nubian pyramids can be purchased for $25.95 USD and helps you enjoy all the benefits of Black Tourmaline gemstone. Shop now!
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