Top Orgone Energy Devices to Purchase from Hanifa Crystals

One of the major reasons for purchasing orgone energy devices is to bring positive energy into your life so that you may experience growth, success and happiness. The orgonite crystals in these devices play an important role in converting negative energies into positive energies. With orgone energy devices bring good and positive changes into your life.

When you purchase orgonite, make sure that you are able to get authentic orgonite devices made with 100% natural materials, including orgonite crystals. Hanifa Crystals is one of the leading online stores from where you can purchase orgonite pyramids, nubian pyramids and orgonite pendants designed to transform your life. Here are some of the orgone energy devices that Hanifa Crystals recommends that you buy.

Orgonite Seven Chakra Pyramid

There are seven chakras in our body through which orgone energy flows and keeps us in good health. The seven chakras must be in balance and harmony with each other for energy to flow without any hindrance. The Orgonite Seven Chakra Pyramid makes sure of this. As the name suggests, this is an orgonite pyramid designed to heal the seven chakras in the body. This orgonite pyramid consists of seven orgonite crystals, each healing a chakra. The other devices in the orgonite pyramid help in generating positive energy.


  • Helps to concentrate and meditate
  • Increase the retention power
  • Increases the creativity of a person
  • Helps to bring clarity of mind
  • Brings emotional balance
  • Assists to have a spiritual consciousness

Price - $15.00 USD

7 Chakra Nubian Pyramid

Nubian pyramids are known for their unique shape and their amazing healing power. The 7 Chakra Nubian Pyramid is an orgone energy devices which is carefully designed to help heal all the chakras in the body. Each chakra is associated with different organs and parts of our body. If chakras are not in harmony we start experiencing health issues. This nubian pyramid has seven gemstones in them, each associated with a chakra. Being near this nubian pyramid helps in bringing good energy, thoughts and feelings into our lives.

Orgonite Crystals in this Pyramid

  • Amethyst (Purple) - The gemstone heals the Crown Chakra and is associated with enlightenment and spiritual connections.
  • Lapis Lazuli (Indigo) - Heals the Third Eye Chakra and is associated with intuition, thought and the psychic.
  • Blue Aventurine (blue) - Heals the Throat Chakra and stands for expression and communication.
  • Green Aventurine (Green) - Heals the Heart Chakra and stands for love, acceptance and healing bBody.
  • Yellow Aventurine (Yellow) - Heals the Solar Plexus Chakra and is associated with vitality, life-force and power.
  • Red Carnelian (Orange) - Heals the Sacral Chakra and stands for creativity.
  • Red Jasper (Red) - Heals Root Chakra and stands for grounding and survival.

Price - $15.00 USD

Selenite Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant

The Selenite Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant is a unique orgonite pendant that exhibits the energy healing properties of two gemstones - Selenite and Black Tourmaline. 


Selenite can prevent negative energy and help you keep in touch with your higher self and guide. It is a great stone used to create a place of meditation and tranquility. Selenite is associated with the crown chakra. It is one of the most powerful metaphysical stones and emits a protective halo in every area where it is located. Selenite promotes change.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is known as the gemstone of purity. It can convert negative energy into positive energy and lovely energy.


  • Absorbs negative energy
  • Promotes peace
  • Helps get rid of negative thoughts
  • Releases thoughts of unworthiness
  • Relieves stress
  • Purifies the atmosphere

Price - $14.00 USD

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