The Super Healing Orgonite Combo

Crystal pyramids, crystal pendants and other orgonite devices are made with a single purpose in mind - to heal and balance the seven chakras in the body. Orgonite devices help in boosting the flow of orgone energy through the body and keeping us in perfect health. The crystals that these devices are made of, absorb negative energy and convert them into powerful positive energy.

One of the benefits associated with crystal pyramids and crystal pendants is that they help in bringing success, growth and fortune to our personal and professional life. These devices always encourage us to have a positive outlook and mindset, which, in turn, helps us make better decisions that lead to success.

If you are looking for the perfect orgonite device that heals the seven chakras and provides you with many benefits, we recommend our Orgone Seven Chakra Pyramid & Pendant Set combo. With both crystal pyramid and crystal pendant available in a single deal, this combo can be touted as the seven chakra super healing combo. Let us take a look at the products.

Orgone Seven Chakra Pyramid & Pendant Set

The Orgone Seven Chakra Pyramid & Pendant Set consists of two amazing products - the Rainbow Chakra Pyramid and the Rainbow Chakra Pendant. So, why are they named Rainbow Pyramid and Pendant? It is because these devices include seven different crystals, each crystal for the seven chakras in the body.

The gemstones that the orgonite pyramid and the crystal pendant in the combo include are:

  1. Amethyst - A purple stone, Amethyst is associated with enlightenment and spiritual connections. It represents the Crown chakra.
  2. Lapis Lazuli - A indigo gemstone, Lapis Lazuli is associated with intuition, thought, and the psychic. It represents the Third Eye chakra.
  3. Blue Aventurine - Blue Aventurine is a blue-hued gemstone associated with expression and communication. It represents the Throat chakra.
  4. Green Aventurine - Green in colour, the Green Aventurine gemstone is associated with love, acceptance and healing body. It represents the Heart chakra.
  5. Yellow Aventurine - A yellow gemstone, Yellow Aventurine is associated with vitality, ultimate healer, lifeforce and power. It represents the Solar Plexus chakra.
  6. Red Carnelian - A orange-hued crystal, Red Carnelian is associated with creativity. It represents the Sacral chakra.
  7. Red Jasper - A red gemstone, Red Jasper stands for grounding, survival and Earth. It represents the Root chakra.

By using these seven crystals, the pyramid and pendant helps in balancing and harmonizing the seven chakras and promoting the proper flow of orgone energy through the body.

Benefits of Seven Chakra Orgone Devices

So, why should you purchase these amazing devices available in a combo? The primary reason is the many benefits they provide, which includes:

  • Helps to concentrate and meditate
  • Increase the retention power
  • Increases the creativity of a person
  • Helps to bring clarity of mind
  • Brings in emotional balance
  • Assists in increasing spiritual consciousness

These are some of the reasons why we recommend the Orgone Seven Chakra Pyramid & Pendant Set to you. At Hanifa Crystals, we are always committed to helping our clients enjoy the best benefits through having positive energy flow through their bodies. It is why we bring you the best and most authentic crystal pyramids, crystal pendants and other devices that heal the seven chakras.

The Orgone Seven Chakra Pyramid & Pendant Set is available for just $31.00 USD at Hanifa Crystals. Shop now at the best prices and be the lucky one to own this orgonite combo set.
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