Stay Grounded in Life with Black Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid

When we first hear of an orgonite crystal named Black Tourmaline or catch a glimpse of it, we may not have much to consider the gemstone in high regard. It seems to be just a plain black gemstone used to make orgone energy devices. Well, being used as an important gemstone in orgonite like orgone pyramids is what prompts us to give Black Tourmaline a second thought.

Even though Black Tourmaline may seem to be a plain black crystal, it comes packed with many benefits. From the earlier days itself, the magical properties of Black Tourmaline orgonite crystal were well known to man. Then, they used the gemstone in various forms to harness its energy and healing benefits. However, in the modern-day, we have orgone energy devices that help bring the properties and benefits of orgonite crystals into our life.

Orgone pyramids are one of the types and shapes that orgone energy devices come in. As the name implies, they resemble the Great Pyramid and help to focus orgone energy into our life, rather than sending it somewhere else. Orgone pyramids, therefore, play an important role in helping us stay healthy and live better.

Black Tourmaline gemstone is known to heal and balance the Root Chakra, the chakra at the base of our spine. As it touches the earth when we sit, the Root chakra helps us stay grounded at all times, no matter what we are experiencing in life. This helps us to keep our expectations majorly to what we can achieve, and not those beyond our grasp.

Another wonderful healing property of the Black Tourmaline orgonite crystal is its ability to bust stress, anxiety, fear, anger and other emotions from our minds. It purifies our minds and keeps in calm. With these negative emotions, we often make harsh and bad decisions that could cause us much damage. With Black Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid, it is stress-busting time and welcoming better decisions in life.

One of the best orgonite energy devices made of Black Tourmaline gemstone is the Orgone Black Tourmaline Stress Buster Pyramid available at Hanifa Crystals. A well-known orgonite crystal for protection, keeping the orgone pyramid close can relieve anxiety, increase confidence, and protect yourself from physical attacks and negative energy.

Benefits of Black Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid

  • Releases anger
  • Relieve stress
  • Purifies our minds and the atmosphere
  • Helps get rid of negative thoughts
  • Balances Root Chakra to help ground energies to the Earth
  • Provides psychic protection from negative entities
The Orgone Black Tourmaline Stress Buster Pyramid can be purchased for just $15.50 USD from Hanifa Crystals. Visit our online store now to shop for 100% genuine orgone energy devices, orgonite crystals, orgone pyramids and more.
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