Sleep Better, Live Better with these Orgonite Crystals

Why are orgone energy devices highly recommended during these times? Well, the answer is simple, to help us live better! It so happens that we are leading a very busy lifestyle today that we seldom have time to take care of ourselves. our sleep is disturbed, our health suffers and we are constantly filled with negative emotions. Orgone energy generators like orgone pyramids and other devices help in bringing balance back into our life.

One of the biggest problems people face due to a hectic lifestyle is the lack of sleep. Try what we may, it becomes difficult to keep our mind away from thinking about all the work pressure and other stuff and get the much-needed rest. But when you place an orgone pyramid near you, the entire surroundings get charged with positive energy and the orgonite crystals calm our min, thereby inducing sleep.

So, which are the orgonite crystals that help us sleep well at night? Let us take a look:


One of the most popular orgonite crystals, Amethyst is well-known for its wide range of healing properties. It is a chakra healing stone and is associated with the Crown chakra. As we all know, the Crown chakra is the seventh chakra situated at the crown of our head, connecting us with the divine and the rest of the living beings. Along with it, Amethyst is also known for calming or mind and feeling it with divine peace. If you have trouble sleeping at night, you can place an orgone energy device made with Amethyst near your bed or under your pillow to flood your mind with good thoughts, calming energy and sleep well. For attracting the benefits of Amethyst in your mind, purchase the Orgone Amethyst Energy Generator Pyramid. This orgone energy generator is available for just $15.00 USD.

Rose Quartz

When your mind is free of hate, you can get your mind calmed down and get better sleep. So, to expel hate, you need to embrace love and the Rose Quartz is the orgonite crystal for you. A popular gemstone belonging to the Quartz family, Rose Quartz helps in clearing all negative thoughts, feelings and emotions and converting them into powerful positive emotions. It opens your heart to love without any conditions, along with healing the Heart chakra. So, don’t just check for the gemstone that helps your sleep better at home, but purchase Rose Quartz orgone energy generator devices. Try out the Orgonite Rose Quartz Nubian Pyramid that you can purchase for just $16.10 USD.


The moon shines bright at night, keeping watch over you and calming your troubled mind. The Moonstone orgonite crystal has the same properties. Its unique properties help in clearing out all the negative emotions from your mind, relieving all stress and tensions from the body and filling it with soothing positive energy. When you place a moonstone orgone energy device near you, you can sleep soundly without any disturbing thoughts and dreams. We have the perfect soothing Moonstone orgonite device for you - Orgone Moonstone With Healing Raw Clear Quartz Pyramid. Purchase now at $15.60 USD.

These are some of the orgonite crystals, orgonite pyramids and orgone energy devices that help you sleep better at night, free from all harmful thoughts and emotions. Visit Hanifa Crystals to purchase the best orgone energy generator and get them delivered wherever you are. Shop now!

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