Orgonite Pendants that create Positive Energy Field around You

Orgone energy devices are indeed the perfect solution for warding off negative energy and its effects. As these devices contain orgonite crystals, they absorb the negative energies in the surroundings and convert them into positive energy. Orgone energy devices can help in creating a positive energy field in its surroundings that benefit all living beings.

Orgonite come in many sizes and shapes and one among them is orgonite pendants. What makes orgonite pendants the best is that they can be worn and stay close to the body. This helps in amplifying the healing properties of the orgonite device. Orgone pendant made with 100% natural orgonite crystals can help in keeping you healthy in body, mind and spirit.

At Hanifa Crystals, we believe that orgonite devices should be made to truly benefit the owners. After all, these are the things that bring success, fortune and many other good things into your life. Our crystal pendants are made with extra care and infused with positive energy so that you can enjoy the best benefits in your life.

So let’s check out the crystal pendants available at Hanifa Crystals.


The Blue Aquamarine Crystal Pendant is an orgonite pendant made with Aquamarine orgonite crystal. Aquamarine, also called the marine gem, is the gemstone of calmness and courage too. It emits an energy that is soothing and reduces stress. Aquamarine calms the mind and supports everyone in overcoming the judgment of others.

Benefits of Aquamarine

  • Heals the mind of emotional trauma
  • Helps you give vent to your temper
  • Relieves stress
  • Strengthens psychic abilities
  • Aids chakra healing
  • Encourages to speak the truth
  • Calms the heart

Benefits of Blue Aquamarine Crystal Pendant

  • Awakens Self-Confidence - Aquamarine can connect you with your true self, making it a useful stone that boosts your self-confidence.
  • Heals Throat Chakra - The Throat Chakra helps us speak the truth at all times. This orgonite pendant, made with Aquamarine gemstone, balances the Throat chakra and clears all chakra blockages. The orgone energy device promotes self-expression, strengthens spiritual communication and breaks all communication barriers.
  • Reduce Stress - The Aquamarine Orgone pendant has a soothing energy that can reduce stress, calm emotions, purify the inner soul and relax the body.

The Blue Aquamarine Crystal Pendant can be purchased for just $12.50 USD from Hanifa Crystals.


The Selenite Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant comes with the benefits of two orgonite crystals - Selenite and Black Tourmaline. These are two of the most popular gemstones known to man. Selenite is well-known for its ability to shield the surroundings from negative energy. Selenite is associated with the Crown chakra. Crown chakra connects us with the divine and all living beings. Black Tourmaline is also known for absorbing negative energy and converting them into positive energy. It is also an orgonite crystal well-known for its powers of purification and detoxification.

Benefits of Selenite

  • Reduces negative energy
  • Helps in aura cleansing
  • Boosts the peace of mind
  • Brings wealth, prosperity and good luck into life

Benefits of Black Tourmaline

  • Provides psychic protection from negative entities
  • Helps in releasing anger
  • Helps you get rid of negative thoughts
  • Relieve stress
  • Purifies the atmosphere

Benefits of Selenite Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant 

  • Chakra Balance - Black Tourmaline is related to the Root chakra while Selenite heals the Crown chakra. The chakras at the base of the spine and crown of the head are healed and balanced with this pendant. Balancing the chakra brings a sense of stability.
  • Balances Energy - Negative energy is all around us and orgone energy devices like orgonite pendants help to filter and balance energy fields in our environment and aid in strengthening our energy body by converting low-frequency energy into a higher frequency.
  • Inner Stress Relief - Selenite Black Tourmaline Orgone pendant is an orgonite device that cleanses and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. Black Tourmaline purifies energy that relieves your inner stress, anxiety, fear, and anger.

This amazing crystal pendant can be purchased for $14.00 USD.

Shop for your favourite orgonite pendant or any other products from Hanifa Crystals at the best prices. We have a good collection of crystal pendants and other orgonite energy devices that are made with 100% natural orgonite crystals. Shop now!

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