Healing Orgonite Crystals that Transform your Life

Orgonite crystals have been used for many generations and is still a popular method for healing and balancing one’s life. Crystal healing is often considered as the most effective way to release emotions and feelings trapped in one’s mind and calm it down. The power of orgone energy generator devices not only rests on its ability to absorb negative energies from the surroundings but also in releasing the unwanted energies from our body and mind.

Orgone energy devices like orgonite pyramids are made of authentic gemstones often sourced naturally. Well, the important point to note here is that only authentic orgone energy generator devices can be able to provide the best benefits and ensure holistic healing. Each orgone energy device should contain 100% natural gemstone and other vibrative materials that promote the flow of orgone energy through the chakras.

Crystal healing doesn’t always need to be performed by an expert. Anyone possessing the right crystals can perform a novice crystal healing of themselves. So, what all orgonite crystals do help in crystal healing? Let’s take a look:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love because it heals the Heart Chakra and opens our heart to unconditional love. Rose Quartz is known to help us get rid of negative emotions and start to love. When we start loving others without placing expectations, we can find joy in life. Orgone energy generators like Orgone Mix Healing Crystal Pyramid contain Rose Quartz gemstone and help in crystal healing.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is one of the most popular gemstones for healing. Well, healing is indeed the most celebrated benefit of Green Aventurine gemstone. Orgonite pyramids like 7 chakra orgone pyramid contain Green Aventurine gemstone that boosts the healing properties of the entire device. Green Aventurine can help in healing your mind and helping it get rid of negative thoughts. It also heals the body and ensures perfect health. Green Aventurine is also known for attracting success and luck in life, which translates to growth and better living.


If there is a gemstone that has its place in providing various benefits, it would be Amethyst. Truth to be told, no list is complete without Amethyst - such is the versatility of the gemstone. One of the best benefits of Amethyst gemstone is that it wards off all evil and negative emotions and prevents them from affecting our life. It also plays a good role in purifying our body and getting rid of toxins. If you are looking for balance in life and better health, Amethyst is the gemstone for you. For experiencing the best benefits of Amethyst, go for the Orgonite Amethyst Selenite Rose Quartz Pyramid

Clear Quartz

Another gemstone from the Quartz family takes its place in this list and it is Clear Quartz. Orgone energy devices with Clear Quartz can help in attracting success, luck and fortune in your professional and personal life. As the name implies, Clear Quartz helps in clearing your body and mind of all things negative and instill positive belief. Clear Quartz also helps in shielding us from the harmful effects of EMF radiation. To experience your life transforming with the help of Clear Quartz, purchase the Orgone Moonstone With Healing Raw Clear Quartz Pyramid.


Another gemstone that brings success and fortune in one’s life is Citrine. Citrine can remove all disappointments from your life and fill it with energy to overcome negative situations. Buy the Orgone Triple Money Crystal Pyramid for experiencing the benefits of Citrine.

These are some of the orgonite crystals that help in healing. For authentic orgone energy generators, visit Hanifa Crystals. Our collection of orgone energy devices like orgonite pyramids are made with 100% natural orgonite crystals so that they provide you with the best benefits. Shop now!

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